Amongst the hustle and bustle of Merrylands Road is a smorgasbord of eateries representing all corners of the globe. Lebanese, Persian, Ethiopian, Thai, Italian and Turkish cuisine can all be found here. On this occasion, we visited Kabul House for a hearty Afghan feed.

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Wests Ashfield Leagues Club looks like any typical club from the outside but beyond it’s concrete facade lies a thriving indoor oasis. This oasis is The Garden, a farm to fork venue embellished with sunshine, lacy white trellis and lush green foliage. We spent a relaxed Sunday afternoon in these beautiful surrounds, sipping on Bellini's, nibbling on wood fired pizza and being awed by the ultimate dessert.

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Johnny Fong’s Yum Cha restaurant is bringing those in and around Mount Pritchard an indulgent oriental dining experience. Located inside Mounties, the restaurant is modern and sophisticated, yet retains all the charm and hospitality that you’d expect at a traditional Yum Cha eatery. We recently ditched our usual Sunday brunch of bacon and eggs and instead visited Johnny Fong’s for some mid-morning dumplings and jasmine tea.

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Hooray, it’s finally here! Neil Perry has brought his renowned Burger Project to Western Sydney. It is now one of nine Burger Project restaurants across NSW & QLD and it is serving up the same delicious burgers and decadent desserts that food-lovers have come to adore.

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It’s no secret that working in an office environment isn’t the best for your health. Long hours sitting down at a desk and looking at a computer screen can really take its toll on your body if you don’t take time to stretch and exercise. Then, there’s trying to stay on top of healthy eating. Long, exhausting hours mean that popping over to the food court for lunch and snacking on biscuits can become the easiest option. A lot of workplaces have already introduced standing desks for their employees to help improve their health. So should workplaces have a duty of care when it comes to their employees’ nutrition too?

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When we think back to our school canteen lunches, the options were pretty uninspiring - soggy meat pies, rubbery sausage rolls and don't forget the flavoured milk. This was okay occasionally, but these days, with parents working long hours and doing the dreaded daily commute, there needs to be better canteen options to make life easier and healthier for the whole family. One lady who has recognised this is Kathy Lowe, the ‘canteen lady’ at Blairmount Public School near Campbelltown.

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Beer, schnitzel and pizza lovers of Western Sydney will be stoked to know that Penrith is now home to the Bavarian Bier Café and Fratelli Famous concept restaurant. What is this concept restaurant, you ask? Well, basically it’s the two restaurants under one roof. You can order Bavarian items from one end and Fratelli items from another end. Or, just head straight to the bar in the middle, which offers a menu with a range from both restaurants. We recently checked out this new venue and indulged in some big food and drink.


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The Emporium in Parramatta is a dining spot unlike any other in the area. It’s a bar, restaurant and café all in one with gorgeous curb side tables and an indoor dining space with an alfresco feel. It immediately transports you from the hustle and bustle of down town Parramatta, to a sophisticated European food and drink sanctuary. The refined share plates, glorious cocktails and fine wines are perfect for a date night, dinner with friends or enjoying a celebration with family. I’ve dined at The Emporium a few times now, but most recently visited for the launch of their March long festival, Under the Parra Sun.

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Chefs Gallery is a display of modern Chinese cuisine. Not just through the dishes placed on your table that you get to eat, but through the kitchen’s glass walls which offer a glimpse into the chefs’ domain. We peered inside these windows to see bamboo baskets stacked high over simmering pots and long ropes of dough being stretched, rolled and twisted into hundreds of perfect noodles all by hand. There are quite a few Chefs Gallery restaurants around Sydney. We visited the Bankstown restaurant for an authentic Chinese dinner (which means no Sweet & Sour Pork or Honey Chicken in sight).

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I remember coming to Cabra-Vale Diggers club back in the eighties. My friends and I would drink and dance here until the wee hours of the morning. Of course, back then, we were more into the Rieslings so I never got a chance to try the club’s food. Now, a few decades on, I was excited to hear that Cabra-Vale Diggers is undergoing a huge $18 million dollar transformation, with stage 1 already complete: Brasserie On The Park. Alice and I were invited along to the club to check out this beautiful new bistro on the border of Cabramatta and Canley Vale.

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