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We are Sharon Williams and Alice Longhurst, a mother-daughter duo that are passionate about fresh, delicious food and produce in Western Sydney and its surrounds.

We use Western Sydney Food Blog to share our positive food experiences. These include locations, stores, eateries, products, events and recipes that showcase the superb quality and diversity of flavours that this colourful region of Sydney has to offer.

Mother, Sharon, is a busy working mum, keen photographer and a passionate home cook. She has lived in Western Sydney since her late teens, moving from Parkes to study nursing in the mid-80s. Since that time she has watched the food scene of Western Sydney evolve with diverse restaurants and specialised shops which are what helped ignite her passion for food.

Daughter, Alice, balances full time work with part time study and enjoys discovering hidden food gems across Western Sydney. Alice’s love of all things food has been instilled in her by her mum as well as her upbringing amongst the energetic and diverse culture of Western Sydney.

Western Sydney Food Blog is the winner of the Sydney Markets 2017 Fresh Award for Best Greengrocer Story.

Western Sydney Food Blog was a finalist in the Sydney Markets 2016 Fresh Award for Best Greengrocer Story.



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Western Sydney Food Blog is a collaborative blog written by Sharon Williams and Alice Longhurst. We disclose all freebies and sponsored posts.