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  • Aussie Farmers' Dinnerbox

    Life has been really busy lately. It’s always busy, but I mean like, next level busy. As much as I usually quite enjoy strolling leisurely around the markets with a coffee in hand, it’s times like these that I am extremely grateful for online grocery shopping. To help regain some of the time that I would normally spend visiting the shops and planning out meals, I decided to give the fresh groceries from Aussie Farmers a go and in particular, their Simple and Fresh Dinnerbox.

  • Vintage Crockpot / Coq Au Vin

    Late last year I started collecting vintage kitchen utensils. I have developed a fondness for Nally Ware canisters manufactured last centurary between the 1950’s and 1970’s. I also love vintage pyrex. These kitchen utensils are nostalgically decorative to display while still being quite functional to use.  My favourite piece of kitchen equipment was recently acquired from a generous friend. This 40+ year old bright orange Monier Crockpot still works like a dream. In fact, I will go as far as saying, it’s a better cook than its more modern, shinier counterpart.