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  • Aussie Farmers' Dinnerbox

    Life has been really busy lately. It’s always busy, but I mean like, next level busy. As much as I usually quite enjoy strolling leisurely around the markets with a coffee in hand, it’s times like these that I am extremely grateful for online grocery shopping. To help regain some of the time that I would normally spend visiting the shops and planning out meals, I decided to give the fresh groceries from Aussie Farmers a go and in particular, their Simple and Fresh Dinnerbox.

  • Jamie's Ministry of Food opens in Wetherill Park

    Western Sydneysiders, do we have some fantastic news for you. If you’ve seen some of our previous posts, you would know that we are HUGE fans of Jamie Oliver. His enthusiasm for fresh produce and home cooking is incredibly infectious. So much of our cooking knowledge comes from watching his shows and reading his books. And now, Jamie’s Ministry of Foodhas opened up in our region!

  • Maruko Gyoza + Win!

    Mum and I have always dreamt of visiting Japan to experience the vibrant city life, the beautiful mountains and of course, the food! Whilst we haven’t gotten around to ticking this off our bucket list yet, thankfully it doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the Japanese food experience at home. This is because we were recently introduced to a delicious product made from Australia ingredients and produced right here in Sydney, Maruko Gyoza.

  • Product Review: Codlo Sous-Vide Gadget

    Eight weeks ago I didn’t know very much about sous-vide cooking. Most of us have only seen the technique on shows like Masterchef. The fancy Michelin star restaurant chefs have been doing it for years. Because of the size and high cost of equipment, sous vide has been out of reach for mainstream home cooks, but not anymore!  If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen all the sous-vide dinners I have been posting online. I have been cooking up a storm with a quirky little gadget called a Codlo.   

  • Vintage Crockpot / Coq Au Vin

    Late last year I started collecting vintage kitchen utensils. I have developed a fondness for Nally Ware canisters manufactured last centurary between the 1950’s and 1970’s. I also love vintage pyrex. These kitchen utensils are nostalgically decorative to display while still being quite functional to use.  My favourite piece of kitchen equipment was recently acquired from a generous friend. This 40+ year old bright orange Monier Crockpot still works like a dream. In fact, I will go as far as saying, it’s a better cook than its more modern, shinier counterpart.