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  • Bay Vista, Parramatta

    Parramatta is currently trending as a hotspot for foodies. One place getting plenty of social media attention is Bay Vista, a dessert bar near the riveron Church Street. This place has everything a dessert lover could dream of, massive ice cream bowls, cocktail glass desserts, fluffy pancakes, and Nutella on tap. The food scene in Parra is looking sweet.

  • Healthier Workplaces with Farm Fresh Grocer

    It’s no secret that working in an office environment isn’t the best for your health. Long hours sitting down at a desk and looking at a computer screen can really take its toll on your body if you don’t take time to stretch and exercise. Then, there’s trying to stay on top of healthy eating. Long, exhausting hours mean that popping over to the food court for lunch and snacking on biscuits can become the easiest option. A lot of workplaces have already introduced standing desks for their employees to help improve their health. So should workplaces have a duty of care when it comes to their employees’ nutrition too?

  • Interview with HotelClub: Where to stay in Sydney

    We were recently interviewed by HotelClub for their blog post Where to stay in Sydney. Some other Sydneysiders (Laura of This Island Life, Sara of Belly Rumbles, Sarah of Love Swah, Silke of Happiness and Things and Lisa from Ella's List) were also interviewed for this blog post to discuss regions of Sydney they are experts in. We of course, talked about Western Sydney, in particular, Parramatta and Olympic Park.

  • Jamie's Italian Trattoria, Parramatta

    Jamie Oliver, aka the Western Sydney Food Blog’s Food God, has certainly done a lot in Western Sydney lately. There’s his Ministry of Food cooking school in Wetherill Park (the first in NSW), his appearance at the Sydney Royal Easter Show (where we had a huge fan girl moment) and last year he even spent a day in the Southern Highlands (not exactly western Sydney, but we’ll claim it). And it seems that he has heard our prayers, as most recently, he has opened up at restaurant in Western Sydney’s CBD, Parramatta.

  • Kouzina Greco, Parramatta

    Located just off bustling Church Street in Parramatta, but still in the thick of it, Kouzina Greco draws in diners with its charming, checker green table cloths and its cosy size. If you can’t tell by the name, it is a Greek restaurant and it is serving up all you would hope for on traditional terracotta crockery.

  • Lachlan's at Old Government House, Parramatta

    The sun was out on Sunday morning, so I pestered Ethan until he was forced to get out of bed and take me out for brunch. We went to Lachlan’sat Parramatta. Lachlan’s is set in the picturesque Parramatta Park, on the site of Old Government House. I absolutely adored this place from the moment I walked in as history and good food are two of my most favourite things.

  • Lake Parramatta Reserve

    Last Thursday, unlike my husband, I had an extra day off work thanks to the Australia Day Public Holiday. I made the most of it by taking Mr 11 for a milkshake, walk and swim in the beautiful bushland surrounds of Lake Parramatta Reserve, or as we like to call it, Western Sydney's Beach.

  • Market by the River, Ermington

    Some people get really excited about Christmas, a super Saturday sale or Grand Final weekend. But here at the Western Sydney Food Blog, we get really excited about local markets, especially visiting new ones. One of the newest on the scene is Market by the River in Ermington. This once a month market set up next to Parramatta River has a range of foodie delights and handcrafted items available.

  • Paper Plane, Parramatta

    Paper Plane Café is a lovely little coffee spot on Horwood Place in Parramatta, parallel to the famous Eat Street. Its adorable setting of tiled tables, chalkboard drawings and pretty cushions makes it the perfect place to catch up with a friend for Brunch. Oh, and the breakfast menu is pretty good, too!

  • Parramatta Lanes 2015

    We love October. Not only is it because we are well and truly into Spring and we can see Christmas starting to approach, but also because there are so many food events on as it is Good Food Month! This week the Parramatta Lanesfestival is on. There’s two days left, tonight and tomorrow night from 5pm to 9pm. We went on the first night and had a ball!

  • Parramatta's Parralanes and Parramasala

    There have been many food and culture festivals happening all throughout western Sydney during October's Good Food Month. Hopefully you didn’t miss Parramatta Lanes or Parramasala over the past few weeks. Both festivals filled the streets around Parramatta with great food, colour, lights, contemporary art and dancing. In what I can only describe as a party atmosphere, I immersed myself in the colour and culture of both nights and got reacquainted with some of the thriving streets around Parramatta.

  • Port Bar & Restaurant Parramatta

    If you are looking for waterfront dining in the heart of western Sydney, look no further than Port Bar, Parramatta. In prime position, right at the ferry wharf, Port Bar serves delicious, generous portions of your favourite Italian dishes. My friend Nat and I went to Port Bar for lunch to celebrate her birthday on a sunny summer’s day.

  • Sahra By The River, Parramatta

    Parramatta’s Sahra By the River, as the name suggests, sits overlooking the Parramatta River. The restaurant was built around ten years ago by the family that still own and run it today. They are masters of one of our most loved cuisines, Middle Eastern! The owners have recently given Sahra a makeover. We had dinner there last week to check out their brand new look and sample their famous Harem Banquet!

  • Sicilian, Parramatta

    If you take a walk along Parramatta’s vibrant Eat Street on any day or night of the week, you will find yourself tempted by dozens of eateries that can offer you the world on a plate. Sicilian is one of the long stayers along this Church Street strip, and it’s also one of the biggest restaurants in the area. For just on ten years, Sicilian has been serving modern Italian food and woodfire pizza in the heart of Parramatta. We stopped by for dinner to find out for ourselves why Sicilian has become a permanent fixture on Eat Street.  

  • Social Hideout Parramatta

    Parramatta, how we love you! We can barely keep up with the new cafes constantly popping up in this ever-expanding area of Western Sydney. Social Hideout has been on our hit-list ever since we came across them on instagram a couple of months ago. A quiet Saturday morning presented the perfect opportunity to finally visit this café for brunch.


  • The Emporium, Under the Parra Sun

    The Emporium in Parramatta is a dining spot unlike any other in the area. It’s a bar, restaurant and café all in one with gorgeous curb side tables and an indoor dining space with an alfresco feel. It immediately transports you from the hustle and bustle of down town Parramatta, to a sophisticated European food and drink sanctuary. The refined share plates, glorious cocktails and fine wines are perfect for a date night, dinner with friends or enjoying a celebration with family. I’ve dined at The Emporium a few times now, but most recently visited for the launch of their March long festival, Under the Parra Sun.